Heritage Statements

If your proposed works could affect a heritage asset, you’ll need a heritage statement in order to justify the impacts that the works might have on the heritage asset or its setting. Find out below how our team can help you complete your heritage statement.

What Is a Heritage Statement?

When you’re planning to complete developments that could affect a heritage asset, a statement is required to justify any impacts on the value or significance of the heritage asset and its surroundings. The statement should outline all of the potential impacts your development could have on the heritage asset, and outline your justifications and mitigations for completing them.

What Should a Heritage Statement Include?

The heritage statement needs to outline the overall significance of the heritage asset, including its building, conservation area, neighbouring heritage assets, and setting. These should categorise each section into high, medium, or low significance to provide an understanding of the building and how it has changed over time. With this in mind, a simple description of the building is not enough, and the level of detail should be proportionate to the assets’ importance.

The heritage statement should also include your assessments of the potential impact the proposed works could have on the significance of the building, outlining each element of the proposal. This should include not only the expected impacts, but all possible impacts that could occur.

Finally, the statement should include justifications for the proposed works, explaining why it is necessary and mitigations for each of the potential impacts. These mitigations should include measures that would be in place to limit the harm caused by the proposed development.

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Planning and Listed Building Consent applications can be confusing and often overly technical at the best of times. Adding a heritage statement onto that list can be downright frustrating. At Fourth Wall, we want to demystify heritage statements and reimagine the process entirely. Our consultants hold the highest accreditations and want to bring the industry to life, providing vital information for those who are applying for developments on or near a heritage asset.

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The days of preserving heritage buildings above all else are a thing of the past, so if you’re planning works on or around a heritage asset and need help successfully completing your heritage statement – don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our RICS-accredited surveyors can offer you a full analysis of the building in question, provide advice about whether it will be possible to proceed, and help you on the path to completing your dream development.

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Heritage Statement FAQs

What Is a Heritage Asset?

The term “architectural services” cover a wide range of tasks associated with a property, from design through to planning, preparation of legal documentation, construction administration, surveys, audits and assessments, and project management, among other things.

What Is Meant by ‘Significance’ in a Heritage Statement?

Significance is one of the more confusing terms used in a heritage statement, but also one of the most important. Significance refers to the value of a heritage asset to this and future generations. This may sound quite subjective, but it’s important to get this right. The value may be due to archaeological, architectural, artistic, or historic factors, and includes not only the asset’s physical presence, but also its setting.

What Is Meant by the ‘Setting’ of a Heritage Asset?

A heritage asset’s setting refers to the surroundings in which an asset is experienced. This does not refer to a fixed distance or view from the asset, and may change as the asset and its surrounding evolve. The setting is important because elements within the setting may create a positive or negative impact on the significance of the asset. This may inadvertently affect the ability to appreciate the asset.

When Is a Heritage Statement Needed?

A heritage statement should always be submitted when your planning application seeks permission for a proposed development that may affect a heritage asset or its setting. This includes:

  • Development to a listed building.
  • Development in a listed building’s surroundings/setting.
  • Development to any properties in a conservation area.
  • Development in a conservation area’s surroundings/setting.

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