RICS Contract Administration.

Ensure your project runs smoothly from start to finish with our comprehensive contract management services.

What is a Contract Administrator?

A contract administrator is a neutral third party who manages the contracts and communications with several vendors, designers, and other workmen involved in a development project. Usually, they are a third party, as they are required to act in a manner which is impartial and independent.

As a team of qualified RICS surveyors, you can rely on our wealth of experience to bring an unbiased, considered and professional approach to your project, ensuring each stage runs smoothly. We’ll liaise with your key contractors to ensure work is completed as originally agreed, and free up your time by completing a range of contracts and other legal documentation.

This service is usually conducted in conjunction with our development monitoring service, which you can use to ensure that the planned property development meets your expectations as a client; not just in terms of scope and specifications, but also process, budgets, and timelines.

What Does Our RICS Contract Administration Service Include?

Confirming services to be provided by contractors, as well as confirming timelines and the budget, and the completion of other required legal documentation.

Periodically inspecting the site and works completed, ensuring that each stage of the development process meets the requirements outlined in the initial contract.

Chairing meetings between stakeholders as and when required before, during, and after the project, plus general relationship management

Arranging payments with contractors, as well as settling the final sum for the entirety of the project

Reliable, ongoing advice from our team of RICS chartered surveyors both during and post-project completion

Why Choose Fourth Wall?

Forget the heavy jargon and unclear advice; when you work with Fourth Wall, you’ll get a service that is tailored to you, not just in the way that you work, but also in our communications and priorities. 

We’re a team known for our rigorous approach – we’ll go above and beyond throughout the duration of your project to ensure your goals are met, if not exceeded. We also understand that everyone’s requirements are unique, which is why we’ll present you with tailored solutions to enhance your project.

RICS Contract Administration FAQs

Browse some of the common questions that our team are asked when it comes to choosing the survey that’s right for you.

What is the Purpose Of Contract Administration?

Contract administrators play a crucial part in a construction project, and they have the important role of creating effective communication channels, completing a range of legal documentation, as well as ensuring meets the outlined scope whilst staying within budget and the assigned timeframes.

What Are the Stages Of Contract Administration?

The RICS contract administration service is ongoing and doesn’t necessarily have clear stages. Typically, we’ll inspect the site and the legal documentation and contracts required before commencement.

Periodically, throughout the development project, we will re-inspect the site, meet with designers and contractors, as well as create communication lines when needed and make amends to the scope, budget, or time for completion. Post-project, we’ll ensure the project has been met in all aspects. Our professional advice will be offered throughout to all parties involved.

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