Listed Building Feasibility Assessment

Before starting any kind of architectural project, the first question you should ask is whether it is possible. This is especially important when it comes to renovating a listed building. And yet, a surprising number of people get carried away and assume that because they want to do something, they can without any complications.

Whether you are convinced that renovation is the way forward or you are still unsure, our listed building feasibility assessments and planning appraisals can help you understand what to do next.

What Is a Listed Building Feasibility Assessment?

A listed building feasibility assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of the feasibility of a building project. It involves an in-depth analysis of the project’s viability from an architectural, financial and environmental perspective. The study aims to determine whether a project is worth pursuing before significant investments are made in design and construction.

Where a project involves a historic building, two important factors are necessary – creative thinking balanced alongside a curator’s sensitivity. A background in the building conservation world is also very helpful in being able to define what’s important about the existing building or site and why. The aim of a historic appraisal is to define in clear terms, the artistic and cultural significance of the building or wider area.

Essentially, a listed building feasibility assessment is a

‘Creative, reiterative process – balancing incisive analysis, aims, objectives, concepts and ideas and weighing this against the potential impact of development’.

A listed building feasibility assessment can be an extremely useful reality check, helping to decide the best way forward and maximising the chances of gaining planning consent. For example, at the BBC’s Broadcasting House, a clear understanding of its historic significance at an early stage of the project allowed substantial alterations to be made to the grade 2* building.

Bear in mind that larger projects might involve investigating possible funding options and include contributions from a quantity surveyor, specialist grant application advisor, historian, business consultant, planning consultant, archaeologist or exhibition designer.

What Is Included In a Listed Building Feasibility Assessment?

As part of the feasibility assessment, our experts consider all aspects of a building project, including:

  • Site analysis
  • Project objectives
  • Planning & Listed Building Restrictions
  • Building capacity
  • Building Regulations Requirements
  • Access routes
  • Options for Redevelopment and Reconfiguration
  • Environmental impact
  • Project Budget
  • Timescales and Development Programme

These requirements are then mapped onto the proposed site or existing building to help identify the possible constraints or where development opportunities might lie. Often, sketches and diagrams are utilised to explore the pros and cons of various options, helping to decide what is needed.

The assessment aims to give customers a preliminary design that provides an early visual representation of the project, helping them make informed decisions about its feasibility.

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Architectural Feasibility Review

When conducting your survey, we can also provide you with a initial Architectural Feasibility Review if you have any alterations or extensions in mind.

This will include a review of feasibility of your project and initial Planning, Building Regulations and Party Wall considerations.

Building Reinstatement Cost Assessments

If you own a property, no matter what size or for what purpose, you need to ensure you’re insured to the right level should anything happen.

Our experts will provide a report outlining the insurance reinstatement value based on the latest cost data and our expert knowledge.

Drone Surveys of Roof Area, Chimneys and hard to reach places

If you invest or develop property, we conduct reports focused at seasoned investors with key considerations included when purchasing a buy to let property.

If you own or are purchasing a portfolio, we can inspect and report on the condition and the key considerations of the entire portfolio.

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Listed Building Feasibility FAQs

Are You Allowed To Refurbish a Listed Building?

If a building is listed, its entire structure is protected as well as its internal features, meaning that any changes will require listed building consent and sometimes, planning consent too. Preserving the special historic interest and character of listed properties requires skilled professionals and expert care, which is where Fourth Wall comes in.

What Is Included in Fourth Wall’s Listed Building Feasibility Assessment?

When Is a Listed Building Feasibility Assessment Carried Out?

A Listed Building Feasibility Assessment is typically carried out at the early stages of a project, during the planning and development phase. It is an initial step to assess the viability of proposed changes to a listed building and to inform decision-making before detailed plans are developed. The assessment helps identify constraints, estimate costs, and evaluate the practicality of the project within the context of the building’s listed status and conservation requirements. Performing the feasibility assessment early in the process allows for informed and strategic planning, reducing the risk of unforeseen challenges as the project progresses.

How Can a Listed Building Feasibility Assessment Help Me?

A Listed Building Feasibility Assessment can be beneficial in several ways:

  • Understanding Constraints: It helps identify restrictions and constraints imposed by the building’s listed status.
  • Compliance: Ensures that any proposed changes align with heritage and conservation regulations.
  • Cost Estimation: Provides an estimate of costs associated with potential alterations or renovations.
  • Risk Mitigation: Helps foresee challenges and plan for the preservation of historical features.
  • Feasibility Analysis: Assesses the viability of your project within the context of listed building requirements.
  • Informing Decision-Making: Guides decision-making by providing insights into the project’s practicality and potential hurdles.
  • Engaging Stakeholders: Facilitates communication with heritage authorities, architects, and other stakeholders involved in the project.

How Much Does a Listed Building Feasibility Assessment Cost?

The cost of a Listed Building Feasibility Assessment can vary based on several factors, including the complexity of the project, the size and condition of the listed building, the extent of proposed changes, and the expertise of the professionals involved. Additionally, the specific requirements of the local planning authority can influence costs.

The cost can range from a few hundred to several thousand pounds. Small-scale projects may have lower associated costs, while larger and more complex renovations may incur higher expenses.

To determine an accurate cost estimate, it’s advisable to contact Fourth Walls heritage consultants and surveyors who specialise in listed buildings. They can provide tailored quotes based on the specific details of your project and the level of assessment required. Keep in mind that investing in a thorough feasibility assessment can help you avoid unexpected costs and challenges during the later stages of the project.

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