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Unsure if your current portfolio is reaching its revenue potential? Future-proof your property portfolio with honest advice & recommendations from our team.

What is a Portfolio Review?

If you’re keen to gain a clear picture of your current investments, whether that be your commercial properties, residential properties, or a combination of the two, you will benefit from our portfolio review service. Utilise our breadth of experience in property, from rental investments, to commercial spaces, first time buyers, and more. Our years of combined experience in property surveying and development can ensure you get the most from your investments.

We understand that everyone’s goals are different, which is why our team will go above and beyond to understand your objectives, both in the short and long term. By gaining a better understanding of how your current property portfolio measures up against your objectives, we’ll work with you to create a roadmap for the months and years ahead.

For complete peace of mind, we’d recommend that you complete a property portfolio review on an annual basis.

What is Included in Our Property Portfolio Review Service?

A comprehensive review of your commercial and residential properties, looking in detail at legal compliance, revenue, repairs, and any other areas you’d like us to look at specifically.

Reliable recommendations to help you get the most out of your property investments, which may include advice on market value, void periods, or renovations to complete.

Our personal recommendations for achieving your portfolio objectives, including advice on desirable properties, areas, or upcoming investment opportunities.

A combination of our other services including property surveys, architectural advice, or contract administration services should it be needed.

Ongoing professional advice from our team whenever you may need it – we’re an extension of your team!

Why Should You Choose Fourth Wall?

All our surveyors are members of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). With our diverse range of services and experience across the residential, commercial and heritage sectors, you can rely on us to offer honest advice with your best interests at heart. Our friendly team will go the extra mile to ensure that your property goals are met, with roadmaps and recommendations at every step of the way.

Property Review FAQs

Browse some of the common questions that our team are asked when it comes to choosing the survey that’s right for you.

Is a Property Portfolio Review a Good Investment?

Yes – without a doubt. With our help you could maximise your profits, future-proof your investments, and get reliable advice from a team of professionals. Whilst the monetary value of your property review will depend on the size of your portfolio and the changes we’ll be able to make, you will benefit from gaining a clearer picture of your portfolio and how your properties are living up towards your goals for the future. We’re an honest team – if we don’t think we can help you, we’ll say so.

What Happens During a Portfolio Review?

We’ll start initially with an in-depth chat about the aims and objectives for your property portfolio. This may include diversifying your investments, maximising rental income, or future-proofing your properties. Whatever this may be, our team will keep this in mind when looking through each of the properties within your portfolio. 

Once the initial review is complete, we’ll offer professional advice and recommendations to help achieve your objectives. Our team has a wealth of knowledge in property maintenance and development, including up to date knowledge and understanding of the current market. Recommendations may include reviewing rental agreements, upcoming investment opportunities, or an honest chat about the properties that may not be worth your time and money.

How Should You Prepare For a Property Portfolio Review?

Prior to your property portfolio review, you should have a think about your own goals and how you would like to benefit from your time with us. Once we get a clear idea of your objectives, we can get straight to work with helping you achieve them!

Before you come and see our team, we’d also suggest you gather all of the information we could possibly need regarding each of your commercial or residential property investments. This could include:

  • Information for each property (including addresses, legal documents, details on renovations and prior works, etc).
  • Financial information (this could be rental agreements, or property purchase details).
  • Images, videos, details of investments that you may also be considering currently, or any other details that may help us.
How Long Does a Property Portfolio Review Take?

An initial review of your properties may take a few hours, or several days, and more, depending on the size of your property portfolio. Our follow up recommendations and professional advice will be presented to you in a clear and concise report, which should be in your hands within a few weeks. 

In terms of recommended remedial actions or improvements to make, the length of time will entirely depend on the task at hand. Our team has years of experience in a number of areas in commercial and residential real estate, so we can give you a good idea of both timeline and cost. 

What is a Property Portfolio?

Your property portfolio is a group of properties that you own for investment purposes. They could be solely residential properties, solely commercial properties, or a combination of both. Typically a property portfolio is used to diversify one’s assets, increasing income and ensuring stability for the future. Usually four or more properties is considered to be a ‘portfolio’.

What Our Clients Say.

We could tell you how great our team and services are, but that would be too easy. Why not take a look at what some of our previous clients have said?

“Fantastic report with great technical detail. We recently had a building survey conducted on a property by another surveyor and the report provided by Fourth Wall was leagues ahead.”

– Robert Sykes

“High quality, clear and practical: Really useful report, very clear with helpful photographs and budget for repairs. They gave some really helpful extra insight on the phone post survey. Would recommend.”

– Rachel Morrison

“Great service, with a detailed final report for a good price. Everything was completed on time.”

– Thomas Worthington

“A detailed report was provided in a week. It was well presented, clearly laid out and each point colour coded. A pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend and will definitely use their services again in the future.”

– R.C

“Our survey was as detailed as the sample one, yet it was easy to understand and explained exactly all the issues. I’d definitely use Fourth Wall again, if I needed to.”

– Louie Parkin

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