RICS Building Survey
Level 3.

Get a clear understanding of your property’s condition with a Level 3 building survey from Fourth Wall, providing you with industry-leading detail that you won’t find elsewhere.

What is a Level 3 Building Survey?

If you need a thorough inspection of your residential property or a property that you are thinking about buying, you will need a Level 3 building survey. The RICS Building Survey, also known as the RICS Home Survey Level 3 or Full Building Survey is the most comprehensive of its kind, reassuring you that you have a clear idea of the property’s current condition. We’d recommend choosing a Level 3 survey for properties that are either older, larger, extensively altered or extended, worth more than £1,000,000, or in poor condition.

The Fourth Wall Level 3 building survey gives more than identification of defects. Using our AssocRICS and MRICS surveyors expertise, we provide comprehensive but succinct rationales behind our diagnosis, remedial options to action, timescales to consider and costs involved.

Our report is set out with clear comments and action points, individually risk rated so you can clearly see what’s important.

What’s Included in a Fourth Wall Listed Building Survey?

Not all Level 3 Building Surveys are the same. We’ve thrown out the standard template to make these long documents easier to read, with photographs and risk ratings throughout, so you can quickly see what’s important.

A comprehensive inspection of all elements of your property (both internal and external), including but not limited to; the roof, guttering, floors, ceilings, windows, manholes and more.

A complete assessment of potential structural issues on your property which may include dampness, mould, cracks, and bulging walls, to name a few.

An Executive Summary to see our key findings at a glance.

A jargon-free electronic smart report outlining the most important pieces of information, including our main assessment findings and recommendations for key repairs.

Traffic light risk ratings and action points to easily understand the severity of a defect, when action should be taken, and who needs to sort it.

An estimation of the costs required to complete remedial works, including suggestions of high priority tasks and estimated time frames.

Recommendations and advice regarding legalities of repairs or planned works.

Additional information about broadband speeds, energy performance, operational improvements, mobile data speeds, and noise levels, which all go above the standard RICS Level 3 report requirements.

Free ongoing advice from our friendly team of chartered surveyors whenever you need it, presented in a way that you can easily understand.

Want to talk through your property in more detail? Our surveyors will work with you to make sure you understand what to do next, what specialists you may need, where to find them, we can even recommend local contractors.

Need additional advice?

Get more from your survey

We don’t work from a standard template at Fourth Wall. Our surveys are bespoke and developed with you in mind. We believe this sets us apart.

Architectural Feasibility Review

When conducting your survey, we can also provide you with a initial Architectural Feasibility Review if you have any alterations or extensions in mind.

This will include a review of feasibility of your project and initial Planning, Building Regulations and Party Wall considerations.

Building Reinstatement Cost Assessments

If you own a property, no matter what size or for what purpose, you need to ensure you’re insured to the right level should anything happen.

Our experts will provide a report outlining the insurance reinstatement value based on the latest cost data and our expert knowledge.

Drone Surveys of Roof Area, Chimneys and hard to reach places

If you invest or develop property, we conduct reports focused at seasoned investors with key considerations included when purchasing a buy to let property.

If you own or are purchasing a portfolio, we can inspect and report on the condition and the key considerations of the entire portfolio.

Building Survey Level 3 FAQs

Browse some of the common questions that our team are asked when it comes to choosing the survey that’s right for you.

Why Would You Have a Level 3 Survey?

If you’re thinking about buying a property, you should get a home survey to ensure you have a full understanding of the property’s current condition, and help you to uncover any potential problems before you make a financial investment. Level 3 building surveys are generally used for older homes, or homes with a more complex structure. This is because properties of a traditional construction typically require more detailed advice to provide a comprehensive understanding of any issues noted to the property.

The same is true for properties which have been extensively altered, extended or refurbished. While a Level 2 Home Survey can be sufficient if high-level identification of defects is all that is required, generally most clients will benefit from the information provided in a full building survey.

What Does a Level 3 Building Survey Cover?

A Level 3 building survey, or listed building survey, offers a comprehensive assessment of your property’s interior and exterior. The survey specifically looks for structural defects, where repairs are required, and information regarding plans for renovations or upgrading the property. Alongside your assessment, you’ll also relieve a report detailing key findings, estimated costs of remedial works, timeframes, and our advice.

How Much Does a Level 3 Building Survey Cost?

Due to the nature of our industry, and our honest values, it would be unfair to have a set price for this service. We understand that each project is different, which is why we tailor our services, and prices, based on your needs to ensure you don’t pay for anything unnecessary. If you’d like to find out more, why not contact our team for a no-obligation consultation and quote?

Do I Need a Building Survey For a Listed Property?

Yes, listed buildings (i.e. protected or historical buildings) require a specialist Level 3 survey. Listed buildings, due to their complex nature and background, require a more in-depth survey than a homebuyer’s report or similar, and according to RICS, a Level 2 survey is “unlikely to suit unique or older historic properties”. The scope of the listed building survey will allow us to thoroughly assess the structure and cosmetics of the building, whilst taking into account historic features and internal systems.

What is the Difference Between a Level 2 and Level 3 Building Survey?

Both Level 2 and Level 3 home surveys include an overview of the property’s current condition and outline any issues that need to be addressed urgently. Unlike the Level 2 report, a building survey at Level 3 will look into defects that might not be visible at first glance, will outline recommended repair options and offer a corresponding timeline, as well as advice on repairs and future maintenance.

How Long Does a Level 3 Building Survey Take?

A Level 3 survey is generally more detailed than a Level 2 building survey, and it can take between 6 and 8 hours to complete. Factors such as the size and the condition of your property will determine how long our chartered surveyors need to thoroughly assess all elements, ensuring nothing gets missed in the final report.

What Does a Building Survey Look Like?

Once your surveyor has completed your survey they will go away and fill in a comprehensive report which you will receive in PDF format. This report will be a jargon-free and outline our main assessment findings and recommendations for maintenance and repairs.

Why Choose Our Team?

We understand the importance of finding the perfect home. With expertise in your local area and in-depth knowledge of the home buying process, you know you can rely on our team for honest advice with your best interests at heart.

Forget the jargon-heavy, unclear, old-fashioned advice – when you work with Fourth Wall, you’ll be able to understand exactly what your property needs, with a clear roadmap for the months ahead. We’ll make the process easier for you by working closely with your solicitors, taking out the legwork whilst ensuring your need are met from start to finish.
Our team understands that each project, and building, is unique, which is why we tailor each of our services to your exact needs. Start your journey with Fourth Wall by booking a free, no-obligation consultation with our chartered surveyors.

What Our Clients Say.

We could tell you how great our team and services are, but that would be too easy. Why not take a look at what some of our previous clients have said?

“Fantastic report with great technical detail. We recently had a building survey conducted on a property by another surveyor and the report provided by Fourth Wall was leagues ahead.”

– Robert Sykes

“High quality, clear and practical: Really useful report, very clear with helpful photographs and budget for repairs. They gave some really helpful extra insight on the phone post survey. Would recommend.”

– Rachel Morrison

“Great service, with a detailed final report for a good price. Everything was completed on time.”

– Thomas Worthington

“A detailed report was provided in a week. It was well presented, clearly laid out and each point colour coded. A pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend and will definitely use their services again in the future.”

– R.C

“Our survey was as detailed as the sample one, yet it was easy to understand and explained exactly all the issues. I’d definitely use Fourth Wall again, if I needed to.”

– Louie Parkin

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