Schedule Of Condition.

Protect yourself from damages claims and record the property’s condition with a schedule of condition.

What is a Schedule Of Condition?

If you’re a business taking on a new lease or a landlord leasing out your premises, a schedule of condition can prove very valuable in documenting the condition of the property at the time of taking occupancy, protecting your interests and assets in the future. A schedule of condition includes a detailed inspection of the property, with a photographic report then issued to you documenting the condition of the property inside and out.

An annotated photographic schedule of condition gives you the highest level of detail about a property, ensuring you’re protected against excessive dilapidations or damages claims in the future and ensuring the lease is appropriately benchmarked against the condition of the property, protecting you against future claims.

What Does a Schedule Of Condition Survey Include?

A thorough physical inspection of the property, including the interior and exterior and party walls where applicable.

A tailored detailed report including a description of the property’s construction, and its current condition, based on your specific needs.

A photographic record of any defects and damages found along with detailed annotations.

Advice if needed regarding the liabilities for any current and future damages or dilapidation claims. This would usually take the form of a Pre-Lease Survey.

Ongoing, independent and tailored advice from our team of experienced chartered surveyors whenever you may need it.

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We’re a team of real people with your best interests at heart, which is why we’ll go above and beyond to tailor our service and deliverables to your exact need. We’ll work as an extension of your team, so you can rely on us to offer honest, independent advice right the way through your survey and in future should you need it.

We stay clear of the old-fashioned jargon-heavy approach and instead focus on providing quality advice that you can rely on. To start your journey with our team, why not get in touch to book your free, no-obligation consultation?

Schedule Of Condition FAQs

Browse some of the common questions that our team are asked when it comes to choosing the survey that’s right for you.

How Much Does a Schedule of Condition Cost?

Due to the nature of our industry, there is no set cost for a schedule of condition. The price will vary based on size and complexity of the property so please get in touch with a member of the Fourth Wall team for a free consultation and no-obligation quote, tailored to your specific needs.

Are Schedules Of Condition Normal to carry out?

Yes, having a schedule of condition undertaken before signing your lease is both common and recommended to most Tenants to protect you against dilapidations claims in the future. Landlords can also benefit from having a Schedule of Condition to clearly outline the standard to which the property should be maintained during a lease or returned to at lease expiry.

A schedule of condition is most often used for commercial lease agreements, but they are also prepared before work begins on a party wall or property boundary. If you’d like to find out more about party wall agreements, visit our party wall survey service page.

Who Prepares the Schedule Of Condition?

Your schedule of condition is completed in house by our chartered surveyors. By appointing an independent surveyor, such as ourselves, your Schedule of condition will be held to a higher standard against claims and can be used in dilapidations negotiations in the future. We’ll negotiate with the other side’s surveyors to ensure we’re all happy to the property condition recorded.

Can I Make a Schedule Of Condition Myself?

Although you could complete a schedule of condition yourself, there’s a lot more to it than taking photographs. An independent chartered surveyor has the experience and expertise needed to accurately record and negotiate on the property’s condition. Not only will this save you time, but an independent schedule of condition will stand up better against excessive damages and dilapidations claims – which could end up saving you money in the long run.

What is a Schedule of Condition For a Party Wall?

Schedule of conditions are used during a party wall agreement to essentially take a ‘snapshot’ of the shared property boundary before and after construction commences. This ensures that no damage has been caused to the neighbouring properties, as well as ensuring that the party wall agreement has been executed accordingly. A schedule of condition for a party wall is not required by law, however it acts as a safety net for both parties should issues arise.

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“Fantastic report with great technical detail. We recently had a building survey conducted on a property by another surveyor and the report provided by Fourth Wall was leagues ahead.”

– Robert Sykes

“High quality, clear and practical: Really useful report, very clear with helpful photographs and budget for repairs. They gave some really helpful extra insight on the phone post survey. Would recommend.”

– Rachel Morrison

“Great service, with a detailed final report for a good price. Everything was completed on time.”

– Thomas Worthington

“A detailed report was provided in a week. It was well presented, clearly laid out and each point colour coded. A pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend and will definitely use their services again in the future.”

– R.C

“Our survey was as detailed as the sample one, yet it was easy to understand and explained exactly all the issues. I’d definitely use Fourth Wall again, if I needed to.”

– Louie Parkin

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