Development Monitoring Surveyors

Trust our team to keep your development on track and your due diligence safe with our comprehensive monitoring service.

What is Development Monitoring?

As a monitoring surveyor, it’s our aim and responsibility to ensure that the planned property development meets your expectations as an investor or lender; not just in terms of scope and specifications, but also process, budgets, and timelines. We can work with projects of all shapes and sizes, whether that be buy-to-let refurbishments, office fit-outs, or new builds, and anything in between. 

Development monitoring is recommended for commercial property owners, homeowners & new buyers, property developers, and asset managers alike. We’ll work closely with you multifaceted team to bring your project to completion. 

Our team will represent you, undertaking your due diligence and ensuring you know and understand any risks attached to your development funding, keeping your investment safe and your costs low. We’ll benchmark the construction against legal requirements and documentation, whilst offering our expertise in the form of tailored advice and recommendations throughout the whole project.

Rely on our team of experienced monitoring surveyors to provide you with the necessary expertise to identify any issues during the construction process, and to work with the relevant parties to ensure any hiccups are rectified, keeping your project on track and on budget.

Our development monitoring service goes above the minimum criteria as outlined by the RICS Guidance for Lender’s Independent Monitoring Surveyor.

What is Included in Our Development Monitoring Services?

An initial site visit and interim site visits as needed during your project to ensure construction is in keeping with your outlined scope of work, schedule, and budget.

Preparation of a comprehensive and independent due diligence report alongside the review of the construction plan, fully costed budgets, risk assessments and other relevant HSE documents, planning consent (if required) and insurance, alongside our comments and recommendations.

Formal meetings with your contractors, sub-contractors and other relevant stakeholders when required.

Final report post-construction to confirm that all necessary works have been completed in accordance with the original scope and legal requirements.

A bespoke service, with tailored project scope to meet your exact requirements as a property owner, developer, or asset manager.

Ongoing advice from our trusted team, with free, honest, and impartial advice should you need it.

Why Should You Choose Fourth Wall?

We understand that construction projects can feel stressful. We’ll work with you to make the process easier, from offering sound advice, to jargon-free reports, and giving you a clear roadmap of the steps ahead. Rely on us to work with you in a way that feels right for you and in a way that you understand.

Our team has a plethora of commercial and residential development experience, ranging from home extensions to the complete construction of office spaces. We’ll take into account the wider context of your property development, ensuring each of your goals are not just met, but exceeded.

Development Monitoring FAQs

Browse some of the common questions that our team are asked when it comes to choosing the survey that’s right for you.

What is a Monitoring Surveyor?

A monitoring surveyor is a surveyor that utilises their expertise to benefit your project. They’ll work closely with you and key contractors to ensure your project is completed to the correct specifications, protecting your due diligence. With a background in building surveys, a monitoring surveyor will be able to advise on the quality of construction, report on any defects, as well as offering recommendations for improvements to be made.

How Do We Effectively Monitor & Control a Construction Project?

We’ll start with an initial site visit and a thorough review of all documentation relevant to your project. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Building consents and planning permission
  • Risk assessments, method statements, and permits to work
  • Proposed timescales and budgets
  • Insurance agreements and warranties
  • Competency assessments on your key contractors 

Our team of monitoring surveyors will also take a photographic record of the site, which makes up part of your due diligence report, alongside the consideration of risks, and our conclusion. 

We’ll allow construction to get underway, followed by periodic site reviews and assessments – ensuring your project stays on schedule and is being developed in accordance with the original plans. If things need to be changed for whatever reason, we’ll be on hand to work towards the best solution, amending project requirements as needed. Once construction is completed, we’ll conduct a final review.

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