Dilapidations Survey.

Understand your dilapidations liabilities in relation to your property lease with clear, expert advice from Fourth Wall.

What is a Dilapidations Survey?

If you are a landlord or tenant, you need an inspection of your property prior to a new tenancy or a lease ending. Dilapidations refers to the condition of a property prior to or during its occupancy or when a lease ends.

Occupiers and landlords can stand to lose substantial sums of money if their dilapidations liabilities are not understood. Prior to signing a lease, both parties should record the condition of the property, and understand their liabilities and repair responsibilities in relation to the lease to ensure their investment is protected during the lease and at lease end.

During the term of the lease, an occupier needs to plan for their repair obligations well in advance of the expiry of the lease to protect their business’ cash flow and the ability to break a lease. As the end of the lease nears, unless the occupier has completed all the repair work required under the lease, the landlord will issue a schedule of dilapidations to the tenant outlining work required to comply with the tenant’s obligations under the lease.

At lease expiry, if a tenant fails to return the property to the landlord in the condition required by the lease, the landlord will seek to recover the costs for such works through dilapidations as a claim for damages.

It’s essential for both landlord and tenant to understand their obligations in relation to the lease. Get in touch for expert advice from our independent chartered surveyors.

If you’re still unsure on what a dilapidation survey is, we’ve written a blog post discussing when they are needed, who’s responsible for them, and understanding your rights as a landlord or tenant which may offer some insight.

What is Included in a Dilapidations Survey?

A comprehensive inspection of all physical elements of your property, including but not limited to doors, walls, pipes, windows, roof and more.

A jargon-free, complete report of any damage or changes to the original structure of the property which may include elements such as cracks, dampness and mould.

A dedicated surveyor providing expertise and guidance to ensure a fair and reasonable settlement is reached.

A summary of relevant lease obligations, any breaches of lease agreements and where the responsibilities lie for these breaches.

A summary of estimations of the cost required to complete the works and advice on timescales to complete this.

Honest advice if and when required, from a team of professionals who have your best interests at heart.

Why Choose Fourth Wall?

At Fourth Wall, we pride ourselves on creating a comprehensive surveying process for all our customers so they can understand their properties and the aspects that matter the most. We stay clear of the old-fashioned jargon-heavy approach and instead focus on providing quality advice that you can rely on.

Our team understands the value of each project and how each property is unique so we tailor our advice and services accordingly to your needs. To start your journey with Fourth Wall book a free no-obligation consultation with one of our friendly chartered surveyors. 

Dilapidations Survey & Report FAQs

Browse some of the common questions that our team are asked when it comes to choosing the survey that’s right for you.

How Much Does a Dilapidations Report Cost?

There is no set cost to how much a dilapidations report costs; it depends on the size of the property, the extent of damages as well as other factors that the surveyor will take into account. If you are interested in finding out more about having a dilapidations survey conducted for your property, contact one of our team for a no-obligation consultation and quote.

When is a Dilapidations Report Required?

A landlord, property manager or tenant will commonly request a dilapidations report to be carried out prior to a new tenancy or if a tenant is coming to the end of their lease. This is to see any damage that has been causing to the property and see what needs repairing ready for the new tenant or to update leases.

Who Pays For a Dilapidations Report?

Dilapidations surveys are very common towards the end of a lease and, typically, most leases require the tenant to pay for any dilapidations surveys and any other form of enforcement action that needs to be carried out, should it be needed. Our team can offer you advice as a tenant to ensure that legalities are dealt with promptly.

Who Can Carry Out a Dilapidations Survey?

A chartered building surveyor, like ourselves, is the person who typically carries out a dilapidations survey. This is because we have the knowledge and expertise to conduct the survey by following (and going above and beyond) the RICS guidelines and dilapidations protocol legislation.

How is Dilapidation Calculated?

We conduct a thorough inspection of the property, identifying its condition in relation to the lease and identifying repairs the tenant is required to put right under the terms of their lease. Prior to the lease being agreed, we’ll also put together a schedule of condition to record the condition of the property. We’ll identify costs for any defects and negotiate with the other party on reasonable costs and liabilities.

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