Why Do I Need A Pre-Acquisition Survey?

Whilst some people may think a survey isn’t essential when purchasing a property, seeking advice from an impartial and experienced chartered surveyor is incredibly important. It can help make purchasing easier and give you a clear property overview. The experts at Fourth Wall have compiled this guide to guide you through a pre-acquisition survey. But … Read more

Damp in Old Houses: What Causes it & How To Fix it

Damp in an old house

Older buildings are revered for their character and ability to stand the test of time, but despite this, many property owners or buyers will inevitably find damp somewhere. By reading this blog, we can help you understand the causes of damp in your property and guide you through how to properly manage it.  What causes … Read more

Exploring Listed buildings in Sheffield

An example of a listed building in Sheffield

As experienced Chartered Building Surveyors in Sheffield, Fourth Wall have had the privilege of exploring and assessing numerous listed houses across this vibrant city. Sheffield, renowned for its rich industrial heritage, boasts a plethora of older homes with unique architectural styles, each with its own story to tell.  If you have plans to purchase, or … Read more

Who Needs a Home Survey & Who Organises It?

Organising a survey is an important part of buying a property. The survey allows you to better understand your property, whether it is worth the price that is being asked of you and any repairs that may be required. But if a survey is needed, who exactly organises a survey when buying a house?  Our … Read more

Cement For Pointing: Should You Use it?

Red bricks with cement pointing

The use of cement mortar to repoint older properties is one of the most common issues we see when conducting building surveys. Whilst repointing a property may seem like a routine or minor repair, using the wrong materials can cause damp issues and damage to brickwork and stonework, meaning some hefty repair bills in future.  … Read more

What is Rising Damp & is it Real?

Rising damp on a wall

The recent launch of the RICS, Historic England, and PCA (Property Care Association) joint position statement on the investigation of moisture and its effects on traditional buildings is being heavily discussed among surveyors and property owners alike. In this article, we’ll explore what rising damp is, the causes, and answer your commonly asked questions.  What … Read more