Why Do I Need A Pre-Acquisition Survey?

Whilst some people may think a survey isn’t essential when purchasing a property, seeking advice from an impartial and experienced chartered surveyor is incredibly important. It can help make purchasing easier and give you a clear property overview. The experts at Fourth Wall have compiled this guide to guide you through a pre-acquisition survey. But … Read more

How To Rent a Commercial Property

Fourth Wall Commercial Property

From understanding your dilapidations liabilities, to understanding your lease considering rental costs and business rates, leasing a commercial property is a significant decision. We’ll guide you through the rental process and how to protect your business in the long run. What do you need to know to rent a commercial property? If you’re thinking about … Read more

Understanding Dilapidations Claims as a Commercial Tenant

Dilapidations can be a confusing aspect of commercial tenancies that many struggle to understand. This can be worrying for many as they don’t want to be falsely claimed for damage they didn’t do. We’ve created this comprehensive guide to help you understand your liabilities as a commercial tenant. What are dilapidations claims for a commercial … Read more

What is a Planned Maintenance Report?

Skyscrapers in a big city

As we come out of what feels like a very long winter, properties of all shapes and sizes have fallen victim to the elements. A Planned Maintenance Report allows you to anticipate future building work, enabling you to budget for repairs and ensure works fit in around you and your business.

Sustainability in Architecture

Inside a home office with a yellow chair

With the ever-impending climate crisis upon us and changes in living and working practices in a post covid world, the need for sustainable architecture which provides a tangible connection to the natural world has never been in sharper focus.