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What is a Planned Maintenance Report?

As we come out of what feels like a very long winter, properties of all shapes and sizes have fallen victim to the elements. A Planned Maintenance Report allows you to anticipate future building work, enabling you to budget for repairs and ensure works fit in around you and your business.

As we come out of what feels like a very long winter, occupiers and landlords across the region are being hit with no end of surprise expenditures. From roof leaks to damaged cladding, properties of all shapes and sizes have fallen victim to the elements.

As we work with a number of occupiers on their planned maintenance programmes for the next 5-10 years, I’ve been increasingly aware of the need to build up our clients’ understanding of their properties as we help them avoid fighting fires and plan for the future.

A Planned Maintenance Programme, often known as a Planned Maintenance Report (PMR), enables both owners and occupiers to plan any necessary works into their budget, an essential step when looking to set reliable budgets, better monitor the financial health of projects and ensure value for money is demonstrated over the life of their property.

It doesn’t take me by surprise that you may be thinking ‘but do I really need it?’. It’s certainly tempting to take things as they come, but avoiding an issue can only last so long and a forward thinking approach is essential. Reactive work more often than not proves inefficient, costly, and in severe cases results in significant failures such as water ingress or structural damage, leading to further impact on business operations and the subsequent negotiation with impacted parties who may have suffered loss of earnings as a result. A painful prospect whether that’s your own business or one of your tenants.

Believe us when we say that regular maintenance is your best friend, helping prevent small issues from becoming larger issues at a later date.

We’ve seen a lot of properties in our time, and the biggest, and most common, issues we come across nearly always stem from a lack of routine maintenance. Ignoring that leak, putting off replacing those roof tiles, and leaving the potholes until they get really bad always lead to more issues down the line. If you’re leasing a commercial space, it can also mean a pretty hefty bill when it comes to your dilapidations responsibilities during or at the end of your lease.

Given the increasing need for efficient use of our resources, energy efficiency in the built environment and reducing waste, regular maintenance is an essential way of reducing deterioration of buildings and preventing unnecessary damage, ensuring properties operate at optimum efficiency, protect the health and safety of occupants, and ensure continued compliance with statutory requirements.

Simply put, a Planned Maintenance Report allows you to anticipate future costs of building work to your property so that you can budget for them and ensure repair works fit in around your business and cause the least disturbance possible. Whilst not everyone is as passionate about buildings as we are, there’s certainly something rewarding in enabling owners and occupiers to proactively maintain, manage and improve their properties for years to come.  

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Joshua Weston BSc (Hons) MRICS

By Joshua Weston BSc (Hons) MRICS

Josh founded Fourth Wall in late 2020 having had a wide ranging experience of projects and professional instructions across the North West and the UK at various scales and stages of development, design and delivery. He works closely with clients and consultant teams on principally residential and commercial schemes, with a keen interest in appointments which provide social value and rejuvenate existing heritage sites to create interesting and engaging spaces.

Josh studied Building Surveying at Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) and before founding Fourth Wall worked at Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) and Lambert Smith Hampton (LSH) on a range of commercially led professional appointments and developments, predominantly for institutional investor, transport and public sector clients, across Manchester and the North of England.

Josh has a focused interest in how modern technology and media influence our use of buildings and the practices within the profession, and how this can be engaged to enhance our clients’ experience with the assets they own, manage, or occupy.

When he’s not looking up at building facades or skulking on rooftops, Josh can be found indulging his wildly eclectic taste in food, both inside and outside the kitchen, and exploring the world one beach bar or sunrise mountain top at a time.

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